Sunday, February 19, 2012

This is a little sketch I drew up as an idea for my cloister wall. Please excuse the drawing I am not much of an artist. I drew this in pencil so some of the lines are really light. The idea is to have a ruined cloister. The way this is oriented is that right in front of it would be the lake and behind it are the windows of the Crown Center building behind. The hole through the middle of the cloister would allow people inside the building a clear view of the lake. I plan on having three or four corners so that there is some structural integrity, after all I cannot have a wall that topples on persons who happen to be inside even if it is supposed to represent a building that is falling apart (ruined). Inside there would be some benches for people to sit on, or there will be a ledge between the arches that would be substantial enough for people to sit on. In the middle there is lightly outlined in this sketch a birdbath. Then of course there would also be climbing plants up the arches, and a garden within the structure. For this project I would like to have Gothic style arches. Most to all of Loyola architecture at the Lake Shore campus (at least as far as arches) is Romanesque. So a little switch up from the usual style would be nice, also I like Gothic architecture better. I did not really put it in this picture, but I want to put in capitals that are much larger and more elaborate.


  1. Great stuff! I think mixing up the Romanesque with the Gothic would be perfect for campus. What do you think Facilities will say?

  2. I hope they like the idea. I would really just be grateful for some feedback on my project to make it better.