Sunday, February 26, 2012

So here is another sketch I have been working on. This outlines how I plan on building the actual structure. I know a little bit about construction, but I am not a professional, so I will definitely be clearing this plan with one before I go ahead with it. The first picture in the top left is a front view of how the wall should look. I have not set in stone exactly how I want the columns to look, but I definitely want to build them in sets of two out of wood covered with a paint to make them look like they are built of stone. In the image there are also Gothic arches, and capitals. I am thinking maybe brick for the base. I have not decided on materials, but brick is what I am leaning towards. The top right picture is a couple of different ideas for the construction of the arch.The second picture from the top on the left is the arch portion. The plan is to cut it out of plywood and then cover it with a spray paint to make it look like stone. Stone is very expensive and I would have to have a stone mason handy in order to build it, so I have decided to go with plywood. Also for safety reasons the wood is lighter and should it start to fall apart no one near the structure would be seriously injured. The drawing to the right of that is how the interior of the wooden top portion would look. There will be a wooden framework sitting on top of the columns (also with a wooden core) covered with plywood. The three small images third from the top on the left are a front view, top down, then a side view (in that order left to right) of the base of the cloister and how the placement of the wooden columns on them. I want the two wooden posts to be inserted down through the base into the ground for structural integrity. Cement will hold the poles in place within the base. The bottom left picture shows the inner framework of the structure in a frontal view. I only drew the middle post going into the ground, but I intend to have all of the posts running into the ground. The posts will run up through the capitals and be attached to and hold up the arches.The drawing to the right of that just shows the holes through the top and bottom of the capitals where the wooden posts will run. The very last picture on the bottom right is a side view of the framework of the wall.

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